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"I'm not strong/flexible enough to pole dance, what should I do before signing up?"

NOTHING. Saying you are not strong/flexible enough for pole is like saying you are too dirty to take a bath. Strength and flexible is gained through practice and our beginner classes are actually beginner friendly.


"Can I observe a class prior to joining?" 

No. The studio has a strict no spectators policy in order to create a private and welcoming environment. 

"Do you accept walk-in clients?"

Walk-ins are not accepted. Our studio is members-only. If you are new to the studio, check out our Immersion Intro Series

"Is there a weight limit for classes?"

NO. You can join classes regardless of your weight. We strongly encourage body positivity and we offer modifications in all our classes so everyone can participate.

"Can I sign up for classes if I'm under 18?"

You must be at least 18 to sign up for classes. 

"Are the classes female-only?"

No! We welcome all gender identifications who feel drawn to exploring their more sensual energy.

"Ok, I'm ready, where do I sign up?"


"What should I wear?" 

You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and free to move. Some classes will require shorts, pants/leggings, or kneepads - check out the class descriptions to be sure. 

"Where should I park?"

There is parking directly in front of our studio in the Azalea Center. Overflow parking is available at Ward's.

"I'm a former member, should I take Immersion again?"

Only if you want to! If you already know you connect with our values and want to get your membership restarted right away - give us a call or text.  

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