Member's FAQ

How do I contact the studio? 

Call or text us at: 352-448-1128 

(not a robot - it’s real humans!)

OR Email us at: 

(add our email to your contacts list so we don’t end up in your junk mailbox)

How do I sign up for classes?

Sign up for classes, view, and edit your schedule on

The Mindbody app


Or the Mindbody desktop site:


What classes should I sign up for? 

If you’re a beginner, don’t limit yourself to just level 1 classes.  Plenty of the classes on the schedule are beginner friendly - look for the 💋 emoji on the class names. Level 1 is a great place to pick up your foundational skills, but we also offer:

💜 Choreography classes

💛 Conditioning & flexibility classes

💖 Special skills classes


How far in advance can I sign up for classes? 

You can sign up for classes up to one month in advance. 


Uh oh! The class I want to take is full…

No worries. Sign up for the waitlist! 

The majority of people get into the class from the waitlist. 


 All set. Now, what do I need to bring? 

You should always have the following in your pole bag:

  1. Water Bottle 

  2. Pole Shorts (sold at the studio) 

  3. Kneepads (sold at the studio) 

  4. Leggings/Sweatpants (warm-ups & flexibility classes)

  5. Sweater (warm-ups) 

6. Socks and/or your favorite pole shoes! 

Feeling confident, when can I move up to Level 2?

Prior to moving up in levels, students will be evaluated by their instructor to make sure they are proficient at their level moves. Evaluations can take place at the end of your level class, during a level-up! class, OR in a private lesson. 

There’s NO need to move up a level unless you want to! 

You can have a fulfilling movement practice at the studio regardless of your pole level. 


I want to connect with Happy Kiss online!

Join us on Slack!

You’ll connect with your classmates, see notes for classes, pre-order merch, find out FIRST about upcoming events, book private lessons, and so much more. 

Where can I buy a pole?

We recommend the x-pole brand. Pressure mounted poles that are 45mm in diameter with a chrome or stainless steel finish are best for at home use.


Do ya’ll have online tutorials?

Yes! We have tutorials for warm-ups, cool-downs, pole moves, heel skills and more on GEMS! Sign up for the monthly subscription & request to follow @happykissgems on IG.


I LOVE my instructor, can I book a private lesson?

YES! Contact the studio directly to book.


I need more time to practice! 

The studio can be rented by current members only and may only be used to practice curriculum that has been covered in your classes. You can request to rent the studio on Slack


I’m ready to SHINE! Does the studio do showcases? (AKA recitals)

Heck yeah! We host 2-3 a year. It’s freaking magical. Want to know when the next one is? Check out the #showcase channel on Slack