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With over 8 Years of teaching experience, we are looking forward to offering this pole instructor training to those interested in becoming an instructor at Happy Kiss. Teaching is a calling - not a job. We don’t recommend applying if you are only interested in growing financially or as a pole dancer. Most instructors experience a decline in their own personal training when they transition into teaching. Teaching is about giving and we always want our instructor's cups to be overflowing. Completion of the program DOES NOT guarantee a position as an instructor or staff member of Happy Kiss but does increase the likelihood that you will be hired. 

The training will include:
Anatomy & Exercise Science for Pole Fitness
Ways to Teach
Learning Styles
Class formatting
Spotting techniques
Foundational Level 1 - 2 Pole Moves
The Happy Kiss Pole Instructor Training Manual
1 Month Complimentary GEMS tutorials


Training Dates: 


At least 6 months of pole experience and familiarity with Level 1 and Level 2 pole moves.

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