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Thinking about starting to pole dance in Gainesville, FL?

Welcome to Happy Kiss Pole Dance!

Here is a little information about our studio and how it all got started.

I started pole dance in 2010 in Miami when a friend peer pressured me into trying out a class. I was in awe and so fucking thrilled to find a place/people/time where I could enjoy getting to know the sensual side of myself. I had found "my" type of gym.

I moved to Gainesville, FL in 2014 and missed that connection so much that I decided to open a studio in the spare bedroom of my house.

Why "Happy Kiss"?

My niece who was about 7 at the time had written me a birthday card and signed the back "happy kiss". It was so sweet and wholesome. It tugged at my heart strings and it still does.

Happy Kiss today

Now, many years later - I hope to have created a space where people have permission to do what I had when I first started taking classes. I want people to get in touch with their desires, move freely, and have more comfort using their voice.



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